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A specialized massage therapy device for the back and feet with heat option. The RelaxPlus has 4 sets of 2 massage balls that mimic the movement of a massage therapist’s hands and help reduce tension in desired areas. Place it in the living room, while listening to TV, on your office chair or even on your car seat to enjoy pain relief at all times. And yes, this device is equipped with a rechargeable battery so you can use it in your car, but also anywhere, as you please without being stuck at the end of the wire!

Ideal for lower back pain, mid back pain, shoulder blade pain, foot pain, sciatic nerve inflammation, poor circulation and muscle relaxation.

The RelaxPlus is loved by long-distance travelers. For relief of muscle tension where and when you need it!

Enjoy your massage your way by having full control over the speed and direction of rotation. This massager allows you to add heat to deeply relax your muscles. It is also equipped with a protection that prevents the unit from overheating. The INOV RelaxPlus is equipped with a timer that allows you to relax while having peace of mind about the recommended duration of a massage session.

Here are the functions:
– Hold the ”on/off” button for three seconds to turn the unit on
– Use the ”speed” button to choose among the three choices of speed. (automatically, the device will start at the median speed)
– Click once on the ”on/off” button to change the rotation of the massage balls, a second time to turn off the heat and a third time to turn off the device