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PascoFix Glue


Glue everything on anything with PascoFix!
All-purpose adhesive for all materials
Ready to use 
Environmentally friendly

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PascoFix industrial adhesive is an alphacyano­acrylate ester. The quality of the adhesive depends on the degree of distillation. PascoFix is the result of many years of research and professional processing. For manufacturing reasons it is almost impossible to obtain a higher degree of distillation. PascoFix is a multiple-distilled glue for ultra medical-grade purity! This explains its almost unlimited range of adhesive possibilities. PascoFix also meets the highest demands in terms of elasticity, resistance to cold and heat, and to chemicals. It is totally unaffected by water. Environment- friendly: once it has set, PascoFix is completely non-toxic (children’s toys). It is also degradable in water-purification plants.

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10 ml, 20 ml

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