Magic Pens


Transform regular drawings into magical works of art!
Lasts for years

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The amazing magic pens are easy to use. The ink of the penl is the color of the tube, but thanks to our magic pen, the color of the ink will become the color of the cap! The eraser pens write the same color as their tube, but erase by magic with our magic pen! Magic pens can be used to color the books as well. They are 2 to 3 times more durable than ordinary pens. They are nontoxic. In most cases, the ink is washable. We recommend avoiding contact with skin, furniture, fabrics and other valuables, just like any other marker. Always replace the cap after use. If the tip of the pen becomes dry, a few drops of white vinegar in the tube can revive the use of the pen. Set includes 9 color changing pencils, 9 eraser pens and 2 magic white pens.

3 years and older.

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