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ICY Comfort Pillow – Hotel Comfort


Improve your comfort at night with ICY Hotel Comfort pillows!
Unparalleled feeling of freshness (ICY / Bamboo)
Adjustable memory foam alleviates stress points
Ecological, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-mite

Natural healing and soothing properties

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The “ICYComfort” pillow contains shredded memory foam that supports your head and neck to alleviate pressure and tension points at night, eliminating muscle soreness. The pillow has a zipper to adjust the height by removing memory foam inside. ICYComfort will therefore be the Ideal Solution for both adults and growing children.

On the one hand, the cover is made of bamboo fiber. On the other hand, it is made from Olefin (ICY) which retains its feeling of freshness, reduces perspiration and eliminates the sensation of humidity on the skin. The production of olefin fabrics is environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process creates very little waste and the fiber is 100% recyclable. It can be extruded again into a new wire up to ten times. The olefin has exceptional abilities when it comes to water. This fabric does not absorb mold and dries very quickly. The bamboo side offers a fiber that breathes very well and is a natural antimicrobial / anti-mite. It prevents skin irritation and prevents odor retention. The cover is machine washable and dries quickly.

Additional features:

  • Conforms to the natural shapes of the body
  • Unparalleled feeling of freshness
  • Open cell technology that provides a high level of aeration
  • Responds to pressure changes
  • Presents natural healing and soothing properties
  • Machine washable & wrinkle-resistant pillowcase

Additional information


1 Queen – 129.99$, 2 Queen – 199.99$, 1 King – 139.99$, 2 king – 199.99$

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