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Massage Gun INOV


Do you suffer from muscle pain or joint pain?

For the instruction guide, click here.
General muscle relaxation
8 different tips – one of them produces heat
5200mAh lithium battery with autonomy of 8h


The INOV massage gun can help the user in many situations:

  • Relieve muscle stiffness and pain
  • Two automatic modes to increase blood pressure
  • Heated tip to aid deep muscle relaxation and stress
  • Improve the general health of the soft tissues of the body
  • Help heal inflammation caused by adhesion between fascia and muscle
  • Accelerate muscle recovery by 30% Reduce lactic acid after training
  • Warming up the muscles before physical exertion

    With these 8 interchangeable tips, this “Massage Gun” becomes easy to adjust according to the areas of the body to be treated. The functions of each of the tips are all detailed inside the instruction booklet.
    The Muscle Massage Gun is a state-of-the-art cordless vibration device that can help relieve muscles after workout or reduce muscle pain in your daily life.

    With its 5-speed adjustment and 8 hours of autonomy, it allows you to:
    Level 1: Muscle awakening
    Level 2: Relaxation
    Level 3: Reduce muscle pain
    Level 4: Break down lactic acid
    Level 5: Lymphatic drainage

    Additional features:
    1. Materials = ABS + Aluminum
    2. Motor diameter = 55mm
    3. Engine power = 110 pounds
    4. Highly sought after amplitude of 12mm
    5. Number of speeds = 5
    6. RPM up to 3500
    7. CE / FCC / Rohs certified
    8. Massage tips (8), one of which is heated
    9. High-end 5200mAh battery
    10. Input voltage frequency 50-60 Hz
    11. Recharge time 0-100% = 3 hours
    12. 8 hour usage time
    13. automatic mode (2)

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