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AquaBlade – Cleaner kit


Cleans all smooth surfaces
Dries instantly
Water container for mess free cleaning
Made in Italy

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AquaBlade’s main features : 

Cleans swish surfaces with ease.
Grabs and dries whereas it cleans.
No additional dripping as you wash. No mess!
AquaBLADE is a quality cleanup tool created in Italian Republic. it’s designed to dry swish wet surfaces while not effort and is safe to use on all kinds of fabric. AquaBLADE consists of a silicone polymer windscreen wiper with a water conveyance channel/drip receptacle on one facet. It provides fast, easy, residue, and streak-free cleanup, permitting your surfaces to dry nearly immediately! This set conjointly comes with a handy microfibre washer and an extended pole to succeed in those high windows and hard-to-reach areas.

The AquaBLADE may be used on many surfaces such as; mirrors, cars, boats, shower doors/cubicles, 

An amazing cleanup tool for nearly any flat surface. Purchase currently to acquire a BONUS microfiber washer cloth!